Thank you Anonymous Blog messager who said BIG GIRL KNITS!

Thank you so much whoever you are! I’d been looking at that book on Amazon UK, but there were no reviews. Your link took me to the US Amazon where there are a TON of reviews of that book. Well I’m still awake (just) having ordered it from Amazon. That is now my monthly spend over with till the next pay day - I’m cancelling this weekend’s manicure to pay for the book!

Boy am I addicted!

Next time leave your name so I know who you are! =D

I love that book…that’s gonna be my next book, I think…I was looking @ it in Barnes & Noble & loved it, and decided that I, too, must have it :wink:

We had a discussion before about buying books from Amazon vs. buying from a LYS. Some thought that it was best to buy books from LYS even if they are full price.

WELL… I’d like to inform (or remind) some of you that Knitpicks has the book at a discounted price (quite similar to Amazon’s price as i remember). :cheering: And to me, KP is my LYS a lot of the time.

So… If you’re looking for a bargin, there you have it. (Unfortunately KP doesn’t ship internationally… bummer).


My “local” yarn store doesn’t sell books, and for me Knitpicks don’t deliver to the UK =( If my LYS did sell books (and this one) I’d buy there. =D

I’m looking forward to this book - I’ve cancelled the manicure =P That will have to wait a few weeks now!