Thank you, Amy

Hello Amy,

My name is Jeff and I have just recently begun to knit. I want to thank you for providing so much information in a format that makes knitting understandable for those f us who have very little experience with any “crafty” skills. I was stuck trying to get my pattern correct on the first row (K3, P3). I kept coming up with what looked like an “X” on the top of my needle. Yesterday, I came across and saw your video on the basic knit and purl stitches. You demonstrate going from one to the other and I realized what I was not doing. I was failing to move the yarn to the front of my work when I purl. I have read several instructions but your video was a wonderful gift that helped me see what needed to be done. I have bookmarked this site so that I can continue to use it as a resource as well as be able, someday to share my experience as I become more proficient with my new skills.

Thank you so much,
Jeff :lol:

You’re welcome, Jeff! Your post has put a big smile on my face. :slight_smile:

Great to have you on board!

I agree. Amy’s site is the best. I have taken knitting class’s but the teacher will correct our mistakes and give us back the needles. How is anyone suppose to learn that way?

Thank You Amy for this wonderful knitting site.

Had to jump on this post!! Thank you Amy. I just started a new project and thanks to you I now knit the “tail” for the first few stitches!! I was constantly worrying if it would unravel if I didn’t knot it, but knots are hateful things to me. :smiley: Just joined today, but have been enjoying the videos for about 2 weeks now. When I do my first pair of socks, kitchener stitch is not even scarey! Thank you, thank you!

Welcome oshnpashn! and thanks! :slight_smile:
Thanks Anne!