Thank You Amy & Sheldon!

I opened my email box today to an email from you guys telling me happy birthday!! :balloons:

Out of all the people in this forum and you still have the thought to send out birthday wishes to us!! :muah:

God Bless You!!

So, When is YOUR birthdays?:think:

Thank you, that was incredably kind of you!


Happy birthday lissa!!

Happy Birthday!:happydance:

Happy Birthday!:yay:

Happy Birthday!!!:yay:

happy birthday, from me, too!

Happy birthday, lissa…whaddya get for your birfday?

Hey Lissa, wishing you a hap birthday too!

Thank you sooooooo much everyone!!!

Noob ~ Didnt get nuttin…hubby didnt remember…he still dont know. He will in a day or two.

Then ill reap the rewards!! Na im kidding. He dont work like that.

None of my family remembered.:pout:

no one remembered…well you have us all wishing you a happy birthday…

and I’m sure they’ll remember next year

Happy Birthday! I wish you many many more.:balloons:

Happy Birthday! :balloons: