Thank you all so much!

Greetings all, I just wanted to say a big thank you to all of you who have made this site what it is. THANK YOU!

I severly sprained (I severed one of the tendons completely) and broke my right thumb about a month ago. I lost balance on my bycycle, my primary method of transportation, and crashed. I had started knitting about 2 months prior to my accident, and had just finished my first project a harry potter scarf and it turned out very nicely for a first knit (or so I’ve been told).

Then the accident happened and I thought I would never knit again. I’ve been trying off and on over the past few weeks, but everything I did came out looking funny because I was trying to hold the yarn in my right hand and I just couldn’t do it. I kept getting discouraged and giving up. Well, I finally got the inspiration to make a stocking to go under my splint, so I don’t have to wear this bland nasty thing that they gave me for it. I tried to learn to use my left hand to hold the yarn, but it wasn’t looking right. I googled “how knit 2 purl 2” and this site was 3rd down from the top. I started watching the videos on this site and I realized that I was working the yarn backwards and upside down :doh:.

So, thank you to the community here for making this site what it is and allowing an almost ex-knitter another chance.

Expect to see more of me around!

Welcome!! You are proof that even with a broken thumb, the knitting must go on! :thumbsup: Come on in and pull up a chair! :wink:

yeah another boy!!! Welcome!!! :happydance: :cheering: :happydance:

Welcome Treyfrd!

I agree with you - this site is the BEST!



KK wiggles quick-healing voodoo fingers atcha

Glad you joined us, Trey!

Hello there!! Welcome! Glad to hear that you’re getting back to your needles. I had a bicycle accident also (August). (Didn’t hurt my hands.) Just curious, do you plan to ride again? I am just now beginning to consider it, but IF I do, it won’t be until spring… :smiley:


Happy to have you!!!

Welcome! :smiley:

:happydance: Welcome to the forum!!

Of course I do, I love riding my bike. I feel like the world is a lot more open to me when I’m riding versus driving in my car. The accident was stupid anyway, I was going a little too fast on a narrow sidewalk, so…yeah.

Welcome!! :waving:

I’m so happy that you’re not letting something like a broken thumb prevent you from knitting! :cheering: :cheering:

Is that you in the photo? If so, has anyone ever told you you look like Peter Tork from the Monkees? (That’s not an insult, btw!)

Actually, I’ll bet no one has, since, well, who remembers the Monkees…

MEEEEE!!! :cheering: I REMEMBER THE MONKEES! I can sing every song on their Greatest Hits album, which I once owned on 8-track tape. :mrgreen:

Yes! 8-track! :thumbsup:

We had the Monkees, too. And Neil Diamond! :rofling: :rofling:

HAHA! I’ve gotten quite a few “HEY! You look like insert famous person!” but I’ve never gotten that one. I have to agree with you, though. That picture of me definitely makes me look like him.

Welcome Trey!!

Glad to hear you’re still knitting! And TYPING too, welcome to the forum!

Welcome!! :waving: Nice to have you!

I :heart: the Monkees, Angelia…my personal fav is “I’m Gonna Buy Me a Dog” Peter is my favorite Monkee