Thank heaven for knitting!

I just had to spend 1 week in the hospital (visiting - not me admitted) due to a family emergency and knitting passed the time so well. While in the ICU I saw several people knitting. Seems to be a great way to get your mind off of things

I agree with you. Knitting is so relaxing. My Daughter lives in Brookline, Ma. This morning while we were talking on the phone she said " Mom i need to find something to do to relax". I suggested Knitting as her best friend is a avid knitter. She will have someone close by to teach her.

When we hung up i sent her Amy’s site. Hope DD starts soon.

Nuno, I hope your family-member is better!

I just love how knitting passes the time, and how much it really does relax you!

I always try to have my knitting with me, for those times spent waiting. The other day I was at the post office, and had to wait in long line (which is typical there–I know to bring my knitting in with me!). I could have waited in that line twice, I was so content! Even standing up like that, knitting can be relaxing! I let someone go ahead of me, who just needed to pick up a form, and she commented that I was “Zen because I had my knitting.” So true! LOL!

I take advantage of this often. I’ve even been known to knit in traffic! :wink:


The knitting in traffic could prove kind of interesting. That is if your the one driving… :smiley:

I was the one driving! :lol: …Mind you, the traffic was barely moving.

I would have to agree with you guys on this one. It’s very relaxing to just sit and knit. I find if I take my knitting to work and spend my lunch hour knitting it helps me get through the day. I deal with some very demanding people so its nice to have something to unwind with.

At home it also keeps me from jumping up to the kitchen too often. If I weren’t knitting it’d be so easy for me to be snacking!!

I can’t tell you how much I enjoy knitting for this very reason too! Not only am I relaxing but I’m using my time creatively! I sure do love that part! The only time I wasn’t knitting was when my back was hurting too much…and I sure did miss it! I try to do even just a bit of knitting daily just to get my mind off things…

I like the “zen” comment Amy…my blog is named after that very same idea! I truly think knitting is zen-like…because it’s so relaxing and calming!

I love relaxing by knitting and listening to the TV – I find it hard to just sit and watch TV without knitting now!

Quick funny story - Dec 24th I was on my way to work about 10 am and had stopped @ a traffic light. I had a Santa hat on and one of the scarves on circs I was pulling together for a Christmas pressie to be given later that night - when this minivan pulled up next to me and the lady in the passenger seat had a Santa hat on too and some small knitting project she was working on while her husband drove. She looked over @ me and what I was doing and had hubby honk the horn then we both held up our needles… then the car behind me honked too — it was ANOTHER knitting lady in a Santa hat who had hubby driving and she waved her project @ us as well…

It’s great to know that there’s a common thread among all us knitters :smiley:

That is a funny story. I take it your husband was driving? Hehe.

Actually I was. 8)

Seems quite a few people like to knit while driving. :wink:

Roxy – 3 knitters ALL in santa hats?! You MUST be making this up!!!

Swear on your knitting needles that this is true…

…I just HAVE to know! LOL


I swear on my Clovers AND my little girl Angel that this is true :smiley: — 3 crazy Maryland knitters in Santa hats LOL

chuckles to the knit-n-shift drivers

I don’t have a car and rely on public transit. I used to spend a whole lot of money on books on my 3-4 hour train commute to work until I took up knitting again. Now I knit all the time; on the train, waiting for the train, on my lunch break… Saves a ton of money and completly takes the stress out of my high stress job (I’m a veterinary nurse in a high-traffic hospital). I even knit on my ten minute breaks! Knitting so takes a load off, that I don’t even work on projects half the time - just working samplers of new stiches is enough to do the trick.

To quote an add campaign that drives me nuts:
Lovin’ it!

Roxy, that is just so incredibly funny. ! LOL!

Welcome Yellowness! I love your name. My most-used name on other forums is “Sunshine_Amy.” I just love that sunny color and feeling! :slight_smile:


This is so cool. Since I rediscovered knitting, I am much more calm and relaxed. I’m a lunch hour, tv listening, sitting-with-daughter-while-she-does-homework, passenger-in-car, hide-in-the-bathroom knitter. My fav time to knit is first thing on a weekend morning, in bed with a cup of coffee. The house is quiet, no distractions, I have my bed pillow, snuggly under the covers, aaahhhh!!!
Love this board

Welcome oshnpashn!

Knitting in bed…that sure sounds cozy! If my bedroom were sunnier in the morning, I might try it, but can’t resist my sunny couch on lazy mornings. :slight_smile: