[FONT=Arial]TGIF. Not so good day at work. I have dropped the ball on 2 things here in a week. Not intentionally of course. On one end, a contractor said he needed something done right away and when I told him we couldn’t get out until next week he said he would call me back. Then he called a few days later and wanted to know why it hadn’t been done. So it was a miscommunication but if he called back he didn’t talk to me. [/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]Second is totally my fault. I didn’t write down all the information for a customer. I knew I had more to write up, but somehow I shifted her ticket to the wrong stack of papers I had going and thought it was done. We[/FONT][FONT=Arial] went out this morning to do it and there was missing information. So the customer refused to pay part of the bill because she swears she told me the information. It wouldn’t have mattered really because I would have had no way of knowing that the unit she had was the old model and not the newer one, so chances are I would have sent the incorrect material anyway. Anyway…. [B]sigh[/B] Still, a very stupid mistake to make, but I’m only human. I apologized to my boss, but I still feel really bad about it. [/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]We have 5 people in our office. One person was out Friday last week and all of this week on vacation. The big boss was out Wed, Thurs and Fri last week. The other boss was out yesterday. Our receptionist was out Thurs and Fri last week and Thurs this week, our voice mail service is down, so I have my work to do as well as answering the phones and writing messages. I made the mistakes because I simply didn’t have enough time to complete one task before someone called in with something different. I guess I didn’t multitask well.[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]LOL I know I am beating myself up overly much but I can’t seem to help it. [/FONT]

Mistakes happen, its not like you did it on purpose. I hope you have a better weekend.:muah:


I know [B]exactly[/B] how you feel. Don’t be too hard on yourself, it will be ok.

FRIDAY :happydancing::cheering::happydancing::cheering:

No, I definitely did not do it on purpose.

Thanks for the support. Ugh, and I have to work the 2nd job tomorrow. Oh how I wish for a 2 day weekend. :pray:

You’ll get through this, you’re definately a hard worker, and it’ll pass. Just keep up with the knitting (you know, knitting for sanity. :teehee:)

Think of it this way…at least the wrong material wasn’t sent. This would probably have cost you more money in the long run with returns, restocking, and reshipping fees.

:hug:Hang in there. I had a day like this on Wednesday. Everything I did felt like I was hitting a brick wall. Enjoy what time you do have off this weekend!!


I read your post and felt totally like someone was having the same kind of day as me! :waving:

I have had a bad week, as well as a HORRIBLE day at work and I have to work a 2nd job all weekend too.

I feel for you! My day is mercifully over and I am off to my LYS for a bite of lunch (with a glass of wine :inlove:) and some knitting therapy.

Chel, don’t worry!:hug:
We’re all humans. My boss was out most of the week ans as he does a 2 persons’ work and so do i - imagine what i had at the office… It happens to all of us. Every time he says i’m doing nothing (joking of course, he’s a great boss most of the time), i always threaten to get pregnant and take the maternity leave :roflhard::roflhard::roflhard:. I know he secretly fears it, but always laughs at me :rofling:. Big :hug: and try to get some rest and knit!


Sounds like you need chocolate. Hang in there!!!

That’s the pesky bit about being human. We’re fallible.

Nobody’s perfekt.