What does [B]TF 2 [/B]mean in a pattern?

Here’s what it says in my pattern:

Row 1: K1, P1, *TF2, P1, K2 tog, P1, repeat from * across row to last four stitches, TF2, P1, K1 - 61 stitches.

Thanks in advance!


I sure can’t find that. I know what FT and FC is (or at least I know where to find out how to do them).

It should have a legend of what the abbreviations mean somewhere.
It should also explain how to do it somewhere assuming it’s a special stitch.

Thanks, Mike.

There is a legend, but TF is not there.

This is a 1977 pattern book. Maybe it’s getting outdated?


P.S. Maybe I need to start another thread, but in the same pattern, they say to ‘skip next stitch’. Is ‘skip’ the same as ‘slip’?
(I looked for more on this at the end of the booklet, and there is no mention of ‘skip’ there).

Row 2 (right side): *K1, P1[B], skip [/B]next st, K in Front of next st, K skipped st (TF2), P1, K1, repeat from * across row.

I believe it’s [B]T[/B]wist [B]F[/B]ront based on this list.

There are no instructions in how to do it?

The instructions for Row 2 ARE the instructions for the front twist.

You temporarily skip the first stitch on the left needle and knit into the second one, leaving them on the needle. Then knit into the first stitch and slide them both off. You’re just really knitting them out of order.

Dear Ingrid and Jan,

I think I’ve got it now, with your helpful instructions!

Thank you so much!