Textured Squares washcloth

I apologize for the horrible photo. And I can’t take another as I already gave it away :pout: The pattern is called “textured squares” from a leisure arts pamphlet “Knitted dishcloths.” I used yellow sugar and cream yarn.


Reminds me of a pat of butter.
Very nice!

What a cute little cloth. The color is perfect for a kitchen!

I just fiished this same dishcloth! I hated doing the right twists! Yours looks great!

It looks cute. Is it reversible? I’ve been looking for some reversible patterns to use for potholders. Many dishcloth patterns work. I just double strand the Sugar and Cream yarn with a size 10 needle to make it stiffer.

Very nice and the color is great! It does look like a yummy pat of butter.:inlove:

No, it wasn’t reversible–part of it was, where I did the moss stitch, but not the right twist part, that makes it look like a little cable.


Cool! That’s one of my favorite washcloth/dishcloth patterns! :slight_smile: