Textured Bands hat

This is my first knitted hat. It’s also my first slip stitch pattern. It’s also my first successful pompom. It was very quick to make. I used the pattern here:
but be aware that in rounds 8 and 9 there is a typo and the asterisk should be after the first slipped stitch. Also, the pattern uses worsted weight on size 10.5s, and even 9s were giving me too lose a fabric, so I used 8s and cast on 90. I also added some ribbing. I used some leftover Karabella Aurora 8 for the gray and a self striping mohair/acrylic blend, Dolce Mohair Rigato, for the pink and purple.

And look! it fits over my gigantic hair!

That’s cool! You did a great job on it!

That’s looks really pretty! Way to go :thumbsup:

Love love love this hat! Great job!! :happydance:

That’s really neat! It reminds me of stained glass!

Very cool! And the colors are awesome!

SWEET :muah: that is great - it is like the BallBand dishcloth pattern- I love this hat pattern :heart:

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Very pretty! You do such a nice job on everything! Love the colors :heart:

Did you do all those dishcloths?! Wow, I see you really do love this pattern. Yep, the writer of the pattern does say she takes it from a dishcloth pattern.

Thanks you guys. :muah: It’s a really fast knit. Now, back to those men’s socks on size 1s. :wall:

i just :heart: that hat. great color choices.

The hat is gorgeous and the colors very nice. You did a great job!

Oh your hat is so nice! I love the colours you chose!

you have a great profile, gal! and i love the hat – very original. and the colors are great!

That hat is gorgeous :thumbsup:

:heart: the hat!

Now THAT is a good fitting hat - even covers your ears.
Love it, style, fit, yarn, love it all!

ok that is just super cute!!! :heart:

I love the windows/stained glass look, and it looks great on YOU!
Both lovely. Well done!