Textured Baby Sweater

Here it is and it’s finally finished except for the buttons. I’m not sure what I want to use yet.

It’s pretty, Kellee! Love the collar and POCKETS!!! Your work is great!:yay: :yay:

Cute!!! Where did you get the pattern from?

it’s in a book I ordered called Baby Knits

Very nice. Love the color.

Very cute!

That’s very nice! :thumbsup:

the yarn is a discontinued brand , my husband found it on ebay, and supporting my stash bid on it and won

I would be able to copy it and send it to you, if you would like it, just pm me with either your address or email address

Oh thats so cute…Is out out of one of Debbie Bliss books?

Lois Daykin is the designer she also has baby crochet

Very nice. You are fortunate to have a husband who helps you with your stash. Keep him!!

Awww how cute is that!

That sweater is cute, it has so much texture for a little persons sweater, I love it.

ahhh, that is adorable! I love the collar and pockets!
Great job!


:yay: it looks wonderful!!

very cute:)

Very nice job!

Wonderful! The color is great.