On January 19th DEBBIE BLISS will be at the Woolie Ewe in Plano,TX.She will be teaching some classes… :happydance: Just thought you texas people would like to know :teehee: :teehee: Sissy

Oh, how exciting!! I’ll have to try to make it.

With all the nastiness that went on at the last big knitting show re: her Cashmerino line possibly not having any cashmere in it, Ms. Bliss might have some explaining to do … I’ll withhold judgement until all the testing is in.

Rowan just had Cashsoft checked, and it turns out that Cashsoft has more microfiber and less merino in it than previously thought. Oops.

I am not from Texas, but I am jealous ! I am a fan of D.B.

I’m in Texas, but that’s too far for me to travel, unfortunately :frowning: Have fun those of you going!

Not close to me, either.

I think it’s too far for me too, only 664.24 miles away, that should take about 10 hours and 35 minutes. (according to mapquest.com)

debbie bliss is an actual person? wow.

Is there any knitters in the Dallas Texas area mainly close to Lewisville, Tx.
I am a new knitter and I do so much better visually I would love to join a knitters group but don’t know where to go. Can anyone help me thanks.

Check out groups.yahoo.com and meetup.com both of those list lots of knitting groups all across the US. Also check with your LYS.

We put together a group in my area by posting on Knitter’s Review in the “seeking nearby knitters” forum.

Seeking Nearby Knitters-Knitter’s Review

also google
stitch n bitch (snb)… they have meetings reguarly !! :cheering:

I’m in Dallas and live right new Lewisville! I’m a newbie knitter, too, and have been looking for a group! I know the Joann’s in Lewisville has a Yarn Club that meets on Mondays, but every week that I can go it’s been cancelled :frowning: We could just start our own! PM or email me and we’ll talk more!

I’m in Richardson and know the Michaels store near me has classes and a “sit and stitch” - I have gone to a few. So maybe the Michaels near you would too!

Venture on over to the East and stop by the Woolie Ewe in Plano - it is the best yarn shop in the area! :muah:

I am on the emailing list for that LYS where she’s coming in Plano. I got an email from them today saying tickets are $175.00 until Dec. 1, then they go up to $200.00. Don’t think I’ll be in attendance. . . :hmm: :hmm: :hmm:

Twin57 - I got a copy of the Joann’s class schedule for their store in Lewisville. Are you interested in taking a class? I’m interested, but don’t know what to take. . . :?? :??

It’s about an hour and a half drive for me to the Woolie Ewe in Plano (which I love!), but at those prices, I definitely won’t be seeing Debbie B! :help:

I probably wouldn’t be going even if it were more affordable, though. That’s a three hour round trip of driving, which is too much for me (I’m in Paris). :roll:

I do love shopping their half-price bargain bin area, though. :yay:

im in Austin- hello :happydance:

OK…Waco here. I shop at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and thats all Ive found so far…I think we have a JoAnnes…