Texas LYS for sale

The YARN HEAVEN shop in Arlington Tx is on the market to sell…Just thought anyone in the area might want to know…Hopefully someone will buy it…:wink: Sissy

Are they having a store closing sale? Sorry to hear that it’s closing but that’s the first thing I thought of!

I was thinking the same thing. Arlington is a bit of a hike for me, but for sale yarn I would happily make the trip. It is sad that they have to sell though…

where might one get more info about this? and why are they selling?

They ARE NOT closing , she is trying to sell it first.

Do you know how much she wants for the business? And is she just selling the business or is there a building included?

There is a LYS in Seattle for sale too :frowning: I hope someone buys it soon

Which LYS in Seattle?

My dh said this would be perfect if his company would transfer him to Texas. They have a branch right outside Arlington. He could keep doing what he does and I could have a yarn shop. Now to convince his company that he needs to be in Texas. :slight_smile: