Texas Knitters-New Fiber Shop just Opened

Just wanted to drop in and let you know there’ a new fiber shop in Texas. It is about 45 miles east of Austin, so folks in Austin and Houston and anywhere in between may want to visit. It opened last week, and I went on Saturday. It is called Yarnorama http://www.yarnorama.com/

There is going to be a cafe in it and the owner, Susan, is a spinner, weaver, knitter. She has a nice selection of yarns, especially Cascade (I never knew there were so many kinds of Cascade!) and she’s got Malabrigo–Yum! She also carries rovings and spindles, needles, pattterns with more stuff coming in all the time.

If anyone would like to do a meet-up there, I’d be game. I like to support local shops with something different to offer. Also, her prices are good.

Good to know! Thanks! I’ll have to check it out next time I’m headed up towards Austin.

Yeah, thanks. I wouldn’t mind checking that out next time I’m down that way.