Texas Flag for Christmas

I knitted this for my brother-in-law. It took me 5 days shy of 2 months @ 2-3 hours a day.

That’s cool!

WOW, awesome job! :slight_smile:

What a unique project! Lovely job!

Very nice! What did he say?

He thought it was store bought at first and when he learned I made it myself he was floored.

As well he should be! It’s awesome!

that is cool!

That is awesome! Where did you find the pattern? As a fellow Texan, I must knit one! =)

What she said! That’s too cool.

:slight_smile: Amazing… I think he owes you ‘big time!’ :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

That is beautiful. :inlove:

Brilliant work !

That’s fantastic! Lucky brother to have such a thoughtful sister.

For the Yarn I used Caron Simply Soft in Dk. Country Blue, Autumn Red, and White. For the red/white part cast on 148 in red. Work 105 rows in stockinette. Then change to white and do another 105 rows. Bind off. For the star. Cast on 74 in blue do 71 rows in stockinette knit the chart*** (I did intarsia) then do 72 more rows of blue in stockinette. (Count the rows in the chart to be sure this adds up to 210)
***For the chart add 14 blue then read the chart then add 13 on the other end to get you 74 stitches each row.

I have attached the chart it is a PDF file.

After you are done with both Wash to block (or whatever blocking process you prefer) then lay side by side and use the mattress stitch to sew both pieces together.

My guage with this yarn was 4 stitches per inch 6 rows per inch. On size 9 circular needles.

Here are some tips: You may want to knit a border say 5 rows of garter or seed at the bottom and 5 stitches on each side just to keeep it from curling. (I didn’t do that and had to pay a seamstress to create a blanket edge out of ribbon and a sewing machine for me. Expensive mistake, but I wouldn’t have been able to give it to them all curled up LOL) Also, if you choose to use different yarn make sure it is either washable, or that the red doesn’t bleed before you attach it to the white or you’ll end up with a pink and red section!!

If you have any other questions. please feel free to e-mail me @ Dobek1011@yahoo.com

This is my first time writting out a pattern. I created this on my own so sorry if it is not written correctly.


Thanks so much for the pattern! I am SO going to tackle this as soon as I do a smaller “practice project” to tackle that intarsia! =) I’m very excited.

2 quick questions, though: what length of circular needles did you use and how many skeins of each color?

Great job, and thanks again! Hmmm… now I just have to find/make a pattern for a South African flag for my husband so he doesn’t feel left out! =)

:passedout: wow… I love that!! Great job and lucky brother :thumbsup:

Hello all,

I used 29" circulars and 3 skeins of red/ white and 2 of blue. You may have some left over, but it’s better than not having enough :slight_smile:


I’ve sewn flags for my husband over the years, mostly related to Civil War re-enacting, and I’ve cross stitched smaller flags for him; but to knit one? Lady, you are amazing!

Whoa, that is awesome! Great job! As a Texan I must say that you make us proud.