Tester needed for Knit and Crochet wrap


if anyone has any questions or concerns, or just comments, whatever, I am available…


I hope you’re well. I sent you emails but I know your health may be keeping you from even reading them, I don’t think I’ve seen a post from you for a while even. I’ve bound off and now can’t find a J hook so I’m going to try an I. Fingers crossed. If I’d realized before I went to the store I could have bought one. I know I should have one somewhere but I’ve not crocheted much for several years now. sigh I think I’m running short on yarn and WalMart didn’t have it today. I’ll order some online if I must.


not feeling well at all, this crazy weather, an I hook should be fine, I can’t wait to get a picture! Overall, what did you think of the pattern? Do you like the fabric that you made? What do you like most, least, why?


I hope you feel better soon. What’s your crazy weather? We’ve got spring rain, had some lovely sunny days and I already have had the heat turned off. I think I’ll turn it on in the morning.

I love the waterfall lace stitch. It worked up nicely in my Red Heart With Love. Somehow the lace stitch contrasts nicely with the yarn. I found my J hook this afternoon so I can try it. I’ll puzzle over the crochet part again tomorrow.


Hope you will feel better soon. Maybe there is a Yarn Count Tester can help you.