Test knitting


i got all excited when i realized ‘brimster’ was originally from ‘knit.1’ magazine, which is now defunct, and that was a ‘man’ issue… but then i saw the other patterns… including ‘man’s funky grunge cap’ (http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/29-mans-funky-grunge-cap - that white one on top kills me!), and all i can see now is lenny kravitz and his crazy scarf…


Some deaths are more agonizing than others.

I had a mess when I thought I’d finished my hat and now have to redo all the decreases after I get the stitches back on the needles and tink and rework the last pattern row yes get that cheese to go with my whine here asap or else I don’t know how I came up with 7 sts after the last dec rnd but I did but nothing looks like falling apart I’ll leave it but I have these big nay humungous gaps between stitches so must fix them ain’t fixable split yarn somewhere oh my

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my grandma’s cats, to a T.

for the hat… yikes! just remember, once you get it on needles and tinked and that last pattern row done… that you do the k2tog’s until there’s 10-12 stitches. that could be anywhere from 3-4 rounds, but not necessarily a FULL round. once you hit either 10 or 12 (as your size of the pattern says), then stop. and pull through a tail. don’t keep k2tog-ing until the end of that particular round. if there’s a better way to say that in the pattern, lemme know. :slight_smile:


Dang it! You even expect me to read the pattern??? :roflhard:
I remembered the 10- 12 stitches or something similar, hadn’t read to not end the round. Will do, sir! or Will not finish that round, sir! or… You see, patterns and I have some problems. I will read it again now…dang it how should I know if it could said better, I guess I want it to tell me to not worry about finishing that last round because my brain and hands are programmed to finish it unless told otherwise…all back on the needles and first complete round of decreases are worked. Note to self: incomplete round OK.


Whining done. Hat done. Wanna see? I do have one end to weave in still then wash/dry/wear!

I am numbers challenged on my best days and somehow had it in my head that every complete round of decreases would end in an even number, that’s not so. I did a k2tog with the oddball stitch from the second needle and the first stitch on the first needle, paid attention and ended with 12 stitches (using magic loop and the first half of the stitches are on the first needle.) I think it is all me on this and not the pattern.

Crappy picture but didn’t want to make you wait. Will try to get better ones tomorrow.


AAAAAHHHHH!!! it’s a hat! from a pattern! that i designed! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

you did an awesome job and i’m looking forward to any/all extra notes. also looking forward to other test-knit samples, now that i know it works outside of just my craft room! :slight_smile:


You did it. You wrote a usable pattern. Not bad at all. I’ll try for a better picture or two.

Well done, Xtopher!


i fully hear you about being done and moving on…

so far we’ve addressed:

  1. needle size (smaller may be better for others) and gauge (stitch width more important than height of rounds)
  2. possibility of doing less cast on stitches in rib, and then when ready to start hat/pattern portion, could do an increase round to get to full stitch count
  3. reminding folks up front there are 2 possible pattern versions (the 6 round where they keep track or the 18 round where it’s all spelled out) so they should read the whole thing and decide which is better/easier for them
  4. crown finishing is 3-4 rounds, but not necessarily FULL rounds.
  5. your final version was in the red heart baby tlc powder lavender (lilac?) which is now discontinued.

and i think that’s it for edits/changes/suggestions… but i’m looking back through the notes on here in various threads just in case, and if you do think of anything else, let me know.

as for the finished hat, i would love extra pictures when you have time (and there’s really no rush). after that, if you can use it, gift it, or donate it locally, then you should - it was all that hard work! :wink: but if you really don’t need/want it, then i’ll take it and find a use for it. i do need to make sure i credit you as you’d like: a test-knitter/helper, photography credits as applicable, etc. so just need to know how you’d like to be addressed on those - screen name, real name, etc.

you get big over-the-mountains hugs for all the hard work - i very much appreciate it and it’s got me so excited for the other test knits and the actual publishing! :wink:


Hat’s in washer, maybe time to go in the dryer.
This wasn’t hard work. I enjoyed it.
My only camera is on a phone and my photog skills are totally nonexistent, you may not get an even half decent photo.
I like it, will keep it for now, would send it to you should you want it. Not terribly attached, not wanting to just evict it from my world.
I’m PurpleRainbow on Ravelry. When I post a pic it will show as that ID. I’m fine with being anonymous on the test knit credits. I didn’t do it to get my name in lights. You sent me hugs, that’s enough.
I’m glad I could help. Thanks for including me.

I’m still waiting for my cheese. :wink:


Finally done! Sorry for the long delay, guess I’m slow and life does get in the way at times. I had absolutely no problem with your pattern. But yes, clarify that the decreases are done until you get to the proper number of stitches whether that gets you to the end of the row or not. I did learn that I don’t like working with yarn held double and this Opal sock yarn doesn’t make for a very soft hat. And of course, as the pic makes obvious, the pattern would show up better in a solid color yarn. But it’s done and it is what it is!


What it is, is great! I’m surprised to find I like the varying colors with the pattern. Yours looks fantastic!!! I’ve not used Opal sock yarn but others I have soften a lot with washing. Have you triedLana Grossa Mega Boots? I got some from Little Knits and it’s really soft.


Have you triedLana Grossa Mega Boots? I got some from Little Knits and it’s really soft.[/QUOTE]

No, I haven’t tried that sock yarn but love the colors! Hmm…it’s on sale so maybe it’s time to broaden my horizons? :roflhard:


I wish I hadn’t bought it. Now I want more. :sad:

I really like the hat I made. I like yours more. Somehow the texture and colors just play together so really good.

(Yes, I know what I wrote but it works this time. lol)


No guilt and no pressure, guaranteed. And it looks great! Glad to hear there were no big issues with the pattern. Have already clarified the crown instructions. The color is great and the texture still comes through. I think I’ll reword about yarn possibilities, so that any future knitters (if there are any!) lean more towards single strand dk/sport. Now just need to know if and how you’d like credit on the pattern… anonymous like GG, ravelry screen name, real name… and if its ok to use your picture, with proper credit.

(p.s. Sorry for the delayed response on my end - major family/health issue, couldn’t be helped)


I’ll post my picture on Ravelry soon as you say to.


My turn to apologize for my delayed response, just busy with life I guess. Yes, of course, you may use my picture of the hat anywhere you wish. I’d prefer you name me as Judy in OKC or okckwilter (think quilter!) which is my Rav name.

I forgot to mention in my original “finished” message that I used the second page of your pattern, the line by line instructions, which is always my favorite way of working.

Thanks again for giving me the chance to test your pattern!


thanks for checking in and letting me know what’s what! :wink:

nice to know you did line-by-line so now both parts have been tested since GG did it the other way! :wink:


I have finished mittens for my son, felted slippers for my mom and now I am going to look for yarn to make this hat … if I’m not too late. I don’t think I have anything with a small enough gauge.


absolutely not too late - i’m easy breezy beautiful cover girl about this. :slight_smile:

no, seriously, i’m still working on a few versions of it as well, to try out some yarns i have, and i’m very slow right now with some family issues, school, etc. so get to it whenever you like - thanks for the continued interest! :wink:

(PS, did you post pix of your FO’s? people will ask…)


before i forget…

GG did the continual pattern version, okckwilter did the line-by-line version. both turned out great with no major issues.

stitch gauge is easier to obtain than row(round) gauge. which is fine as you knit the hat until it’s as short/beanie or tall/slouchy as you like.

for the decreases at the crown, you keep going round and round, in k2togs, until you stop and draw yarn through the remaining 10-12 stitches (depending on pattern size). this could be anywhere from 3-4 rounds, but not necessarily a full round.

and let me know if you have any questions/concerns.

cheers! :wink: