Test knit sock pattern help


GG’s been super awesome helping me with a test-knit of a designer’s cuff-down sock pattern. it’s the first time i’ve done that style of sock. but we’re both at a huh-wha? point…

i’ve done the german twisted cast on, the 2x2 cuff ribbing, and the heel flap. i had 36 stitches when starting the heel turn. the instructions for it say:

“Turn Heel
1- (RS) sl 1, k15 (17, 19), ssk, k1, turn
2- (WS) sl 1, p5, p2tog, p1, turn
3- sl 1, k6, ssk, k1 turn
4- sl 1, p7, p2tog, p1, turn
Continue working one additional stitch per row until all stitches have been worked, ending with WS row. 16 (18, 20) sts”

i took this to mean that as i continued, on row 5 i’d knit 8, row 6 i’d purl 9, row 7 i’d knit 10, row 8 i’d purl 11, etc (k12, p13, k14, p15, k16, p17, k18, p19). but when i get to the last 2 rows, i don’t have enough stitches. i can knit 18 and then do the ssk, but i don’t have a last stitch to knit. if i skip that last stitch and just turn, then on the purl side, i have to skip the slip stitch and start right in with the purl 19, so that i have enough stitches at the end to p2tog, and again, no extra 1 stitch purl.

i’ve ended with 20 stitches as instructed, but only by omiting those slipped stitches and the last plain k1 and last plain p1. so is this normal for a heel flap, is the pattern count off, is my count off, etc?

I can’t get the numbers to work out either. I’m figuring that you’re making the largest size? On the last row I could work: sl1, k18, k2tog and that was it. I had one more unworked stitch for a total of 21sts.

jessie of yarn over new york got back to me right away and says that what i did as my own fudging of the directions is right on.

on the RS i skipped the last k1 after the ssk, and on the WS i skipped the slipped stitch and went right to purling, then skipped the last p1 after p2tog.

“Yes, you are right. Depending on the size the last two rows end with the ssk or p2tog and don’t have the last k1/p1. That’s pretty standard for heel turns, but I can add a note for beginners.”

i’m not sure how accurate that is, that it’s a standard unspoken thing? but it worked… now i’m up to the gusset and just another set of issues. i have no idea if her numbers include the m1s she had you make in the corner to avoid holes, or if i’m just supposed to remember i did those and incorporate them as k2togs on my own?

i told GG i was pretty sure this would be the first, and last, cuff-down pair of socks i ever make.

Gosh, I’ve read a bunch of sock patterns and I don’t recall them ending without finishing out the row. I think the note for beginners is a good idea.

wow. I’m fairly new to reading patterns, but this “unspoken understanding” thing is REALLY irritating.

what if you’re like me? an lone knitter who is self-taught, and has no one (well, I do NOW, but how about those without computers, or a library knitting group?)

I find it a little arrogant that a pattern writer would think they don’t have to actually finish WRITING the pattern!

I have ONE sock pattern that actually makes sense to me when I read through it.

DOZENS of others get me lost part way through, so I don’t use them. :smiley:

i AM like you! :slight_smile: and only with a lot of help from sites like these and the friendly people who inhabit them, have i gotten as far as i have.

the unspoken stuff has been one of my biggest pet peeves. i know it’s a delicate balance, how much information to put in a pattern, when does it become too much for seasoned knitters, etc. BUT, this test-knit pattern has all sorts of diagrams and helpful hints (if you’re using dpns, do this, and here’s a picture, if you’re using magic loop, do this over here, and here’s a diagram), etc. and then leaves out other important info.

so… i’m finishing the test knit (i’m on the plain stockinette foot portion, all the other cuff/heel/turn is done!), and then i’m unlikely to use it again.

so, will you be knitting TWO socks? or just the one? (chuckle.)

to my mind, it’s like a recipe: if you leave out some ingredients or instructions, it just won’t work.

either that, or the writer was too lazy to do it right.

I admire your tenacity, though. I would have just cursed a bit (read: a LOT) and then thrown the pattern off the roof into the bay.

the test was 1 sock minimum. i’ll have that done in time. and i think i’ll do the 2nd one, just so there’s a set, as i do have plenty of yarn. but it’ll be the only pair with this pattern :wink: and i told GG, likely the only pair i do cuff-down. not enamored with this style at all. i’d like to try toe-up on DPNs…

I was thinking of trying another pattern but if they’re not written clearly, I won’t bother. I have ONE good sock pattern that makes sense when you read it, and it’s now my standby. works every time.