Terminology question

I have seen many people post about their “DH” I have been wondering what it means. It’s obviouse many are talking about husbands.

I asked my mom what she thought…and uh…it must have been just at the wrong time (she and my dad were hissing and spitting at one another like cats, who just want a little taste of that dangeling leaf, butaccidently pulled and entire massive planter down onto themselves getting covered in a pound of dirt in the process), and her response was "It either means “dumber half” or “dense husband”. Now while her response was comical, I don’t think it was correct.

:rofling: It means Dear Husband.
There are other abbreviations that people use and they can be found…
nevermind. I can’t find it. There used to be a sticky that had a bunch of abbreviations on it, but it’s not sticky anymore.

ok. i think i found it.

Ahhhh, thanks for the link, I couldn’t figure out what FO meant. :slight_smile:

LOL, I wondered the exact same thing! I have my own abbreviation, but I can’t share it here :eyebrow:

I belong to a board on which we occassionally refer to our dh’s as “BH.” You can fill in what you want for the B. :whistle:

lol, thanks.

I can read your mind :teehee:

:roflhard: :rofling: