Term difference? stocking vs. stockinette vs. garter


I am going to try making this sweater for my cat. I am stuck on the gauge swatch part. It says:

[B]Knit a gauge swatch[/B]
CO 20 or so stitches and knit a few rows in stocking stitch then measure the gauge and jot it down.

Is stocking stitch the same as stockinette or garter? I’m confused. How do I do a stocking stitch? I tried looking for the videos and haven’t found anything yet.

Thank you!

Yes, stocking stitch is stockinette. To me, it’s a better name!
Good luck with the sweater. Lucky cat!!!

Great thank you!

Stocking stitch and stockinette are the same. When knitting flat you knit one side and purl the other to get stockinette. When knitting in the round you knit only, no purling.

Garter stitch is all knit no purls when knitting flat. To get garter in the round you’d have to knit one row and purl the next.