How can i regulate my tension? My knitting is either too tight to work or too loose to work. I also have problems with my stitches twisting around my needle. What do i do?
Thank You HeatherSheree

How long have you been knitting? It takes a while for your gauge to settle down. Try continental, English, and combined knitting styles and maybe a different one than you have been using will work better for you.

I’m not really sure what you mean by your stitches twisting around the needle. Can you show a picture?

I regulate the tension by wraping the yarn around fingers of my left hand as I knit. The fingers get the brunt of the tightening and loosening of the yarn as it goes instead of the work that way.

Hope this helps


I thread my yarn through my fingers without wrapping it around any of them. Even tension comes with practice and trying different ways to hold your yarn.