Tension up the whatsit!

morning ladies and gents!

The pattern I want to do makes a special point of tellling you to get your tension just right because the front sections are partly circular if that makes sense! any way, I have the right number of stitches but too many rows, usually I just work around that but i’d like to get it right, any ideas for reducing the rows whilst keeping the stitches as they are???


It’s extremely difficult to match both rows and sts. Aim for st count and you can usually work around the disparity in row ct by measuring instead (sounds like you’ll be working the body to the armholes?). The one time this doesn’t work is Fair Isle as the pattern would end up warped/skewed. What pattern are you doing?


I’m a complete nunce and cannot link, but it is on the garnstudio.com website, a ladies cardi with a cicle detail at the bottom of both front bits, it’s knitted in seperate pieces, in a wool called eskimo,
usuallt i don’t worry too much bout the rows and do as you suggested, just measure, the only reason i’m worried is because in the notes it makes a special point to get the tension right so that the circle is right…

What is the pattern # on garnstudio? (Or, when viewing the patt on garnstudio, you can copy and paste its URL into your KH post.)

How far off is your swatch row count?


wow, wow, wow, never been able to do that!!! If it doesn’t work the number is 97-8

The closest I’ve been able to get to is 12 rows and 10 stitches, was wondering bout using 2 different sized needles, purl on one, knit on other, do you reckon that would help?

I think you might be okay, you could try going down one needle size which may affect the rows more than the sts. But it looks like you knit by following the st number for your size, so you may be okay.