Tension Question

I’m about to knit a cable jumper. The wool in the pattern has a tension of 16.5 sts over 10cm. (I’m not too worried about the number of rows as I will shorten it, if I have too). The wool I want to use has a tension of 13 sts over 10cm.

If I am supposed to CO 108 sts in the correct wool, how many do I CO in my wool. I worked out roughly what I think I should do and if I’m correct that would mean I need to knit the jumper down a couple of sizes. Can somebody work out the number of CO stitches and then tell me if I’m on the right track?
Thanks in advance

If I were you, I’d try knitting a gauge swatch first and see if you can get the correct gauge using different size needles.

However, if you go with 13 sts over 10 cm, I would say to cast on 85 sts, give or take a couple if the pattern calls for it to be devisible by a certain number. 16.5 sts over 10 cm gives you 4.125 sts per inch. (I have to use inches.) So casting on 108 sts would mean casting on roughly 26 inches. At 13 sts over 4 inches, you get 3.25 sts per inch. 3.25 times 26 is 84.5. Hope this helps.

If you are going to use a different yarn that that recommended you absolutely have to do a gauge swatch and play with needle size till it matches. It’s possible you won’t like the fabric it creates since you’ll have to use a smaller needle so it’ll be a judgment call.

Sweaters are too much work to make one and then have it not fit or be something you won’t wear. :wink:

That’s exactly what I worked out. I think I might still do a swatch and try different needle sizes. Many thanks

You can also follow a smaller size of the pattern. You know how many sts/10cm you have, so you figure how many cms around you need it at the largest and multiple your st/cm times total cm for the number of sts you need. Then look at the pattern and find a size that’s closest to that for the sts both front and back. Follow the instructions for that size, adjusting the length for the size you need to fit.