Tension Problem

Hi. Im having a problem with my knit stitches, they are too tight but my purl stitches are alright what should i do to even out the tension :thinking:

Ooooooooo I was just going to post a tension question.

I have reviewed all the ways to hold the yarn on the site. I just CAN NOT
wrap it or have it ‘propped’ on the index finger. It always slips off.

I have my working yarn in my left hand and it is wrapped around my middle

My stitches are never even and I was hoping to make things I could sell.

My question is, is tension a common problem for new knitters? Or does
it just plaque some ppl. Will it eventually work itself out by practice or
should I start forcing myself to use another ‘holding’ method?


Mostly it just takes practice. You can try giving the yarn a little tug after you pull it through the loop so it’s not too tight before moving on to the next stitch. And practice, practice, practice. :wink:

:smiley: I had that problem, when i held my yarn in the left hand then i tried knitting english style (i think, i hold my yarn in my right hand) and the tension is almost even exept with those knitted-too-tight stitches. So if anyone please hve any other advice…

I’m wondering if you’re twisting your purls, making them too tight to knit into on the other side.

Make sure your purling by inserting your needle from right to left into the front of the loop and/or check out the videos to make sure you’re doing it properly.

If they’re twisted, then it will make the knit rows hard to get the needle into.

That might be it I never thought of that but Ill check out the video to see if I’m doing that.

I believe there were a few previous posts about knitting too tightly so you might want to do a search to see what comes up.

well, I keep thinking knitting more loosly is just a matter of practice. that is, practice worked for me, but I agree with the rest that you first have to be sure you are doing the stitches correct.