Tension problem with last knit stitch in ribbing

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When I change from knit to purl, like in ribbing or cable, my last knit stitch is larger than the other knit stitches. I knit the left handed or continental way. Any tips would be much appreciated.
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This is a very common problem. Here is a great resource for how to solve the problem. It makes a world of difference. Good luck!


Thank you so much for the help! What a great site. Thanks again.
Kathy :cheering:

I don’t have that problem in ribbing, but in cables, purl the stitch after the cable through the back loop (so you are twisting the stitch.)

How do you handle the twisted stitch on the return row?
Thanks for the help.

When you purl into the back of the stitch after the cable do you knit into the back of that stitch on the wrong side? Do you purl into the back of the purl stitch before the cable too? :?? This is to prevent that little gap inbetween the cable and the purls , right?

Just work it like normal, or else it won’t be twisted anymore, and it will still be loose.

I am sorry to ask you again. You said to purl into the back of the purl stitch to tighten it up after the cable but what about the stitch BEFORE the cable? Do you purl into the back of that stitch too? Then on the next row just knit the stitch as usaual.

The problem is usually only when you go from knit to purl so the first stitch before a cable isn’t usually the problem. The technique for ribbing seems to work well for cables as well.

Candy- The first stitch after a cable crossing- purl from the back loop. On thenext row, work it so as to keep it twisted (work like normal), so you are getting a twisted (tight) stitch. That way, you won’t have the problem of a loose stitch after a cable. Am I making sense?

forgot to mention: The stitch before is usually not a problem.

I totally got it now. Thank you, I was not sure about the stitch before the cable but know I understand.

I am ashamed to say that I did not see any difference after wrapping the purl the other way as per Nona’s improvement. I will give it another try with something beside 1x1 ribbing one day. Let’s hope :slight_smile:

Thank you all for all of your pointers. To be truthful, none of them worked for me but I did finally find a way that did. If I do the Norwegian purl my knit stitch before the purl is perfect. Maybe it is because the yarn stays in back. The Norwegian purl is a bit tedious but I am sure that with more practice it will become much easier.
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