Tension on bamboo pop

I’ve begun knitting and find the bamboo pop to be so thin I barely feel it around my finger and I’m having trouble with the tension. Has a anyone else experienced this with bamboo pop?

If you’re used to knitting with heavier yarn or wool it will feel very light. It’s DK weight, but felt almost sport weight if I remember correctly.

What needle material are you using? That can affect your tension. If you feel it’s too slippery try birch or bamboo needles and if it’s sticking try metal. I crocheted with it so I’m not sure what I would have used. Probably birch.

I knew you would be first to answer😊 I also use birchwood needles. It may be that I just have to get used to the yarn. I honestly can barely feel it but and it 's so light, I was fearful of even tugging for fear I would break the connection. I have never never used yarn this thin and lightweight. Well, I will keep going and hopefully this will improve.
Hope you had a lovely holiday. We had 30 deg. And and icy concoction that fell last night, only 1/2", but enough To turn the lawn into sliding board.:cloud_with_lightning_and_rain::snowflake:
Thanks for responding :wink:. Talk to you later

It takes some time to get used to knitting with a different fiber and/or weight of yarn. If you’re not used to using smaller needles they can add to the discomfort. I don’t think you have to worry about the yarn breaking. It’s pretty sturdy.

We had a very nice Easter. Family (except daughter in NY) was here and my granddaughter kindly slept through dinner so we ate in peace. haha I forgot where you live, but 30 is freezing! Then again I live in CA so it was 70 or so here. lol

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