Tension in stranded work

Hi. I love making things with stranded colour work and the jumper I am making at the moment uses quite thin yarn. So, when changing from the part with another colour (2 stands of year), it one only, it is thinner (obviously) and doesn’t lie flat. Will this be sorted if I block it properly at the end? It feels like always running a second thread of the same colour would be the other solution but I’ve never seen that in a pattern. I don’t mind it so much after the yoke but it’s going to look funny where I am now (I am extending the body as it was too short) Thanks for any thoughts! Jane !

It is going to be thinner when you transition from the stranded colorwork. You can lessen the look of a difference if you loosen up a bit in the colorwork itself. Some of the tightness and pucker may well go away as the yarn relaxes after washing and blocking.
The extra thickness is especially appreciated at the yoke because it’s so nice and warm on your shoulders. You’ve made a beautiful sweater which will be lovely to wear.

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