Tension help / advice for a new crocheter

Good evening! I started knitting in late Sept. and decided that I wanted to learn to crochet as well. I am in the process of making DH the Afghan Squared afghan, which is one large Granny Square. It is going well, and I decided that I wanted to make the Granny Poncho and Cap for my DD’s 5th birthday.

                                      I went to the store today and bought my yarn, but am already having trouble with the pattern. I think I have the first two rounds figured out, but when I get to the3rd round, I keep messing up with the sc. I think I can figure that out with a bit of practice, though.

                                      The big problem is that one motif is supposed to equal 3-1/2 ins. and mine equals 2-3/4 ins. I am using a sz. H hook like the pattern calls for and am not sure how I adjust.  I know that I am a tight knitter. Can you be a tight crocheter (is that a word?) as well? PLEASE - any advice would be so welcomed. I am in love with this poncho and really want to make it work for my DD.

Yes, you can be a tight crocheter. Just like you would with knitting, change the size of your hook to get your gauge. You’re using an H hook, go up to an I and check your gauge again. Alternately you can try putting an extra round of sc on your motif to get it to the proper size.

I’d probably go up a hook size, and then on the motifs you’ve already done (if it doesn’t look too weird), do an extra round of sc so that you can still use them.


If you haven’t done too many squares yet then I would frogg them as it will make it easier to sew together as the squares will line up better. But up a size hook is the way to go!

TY both! I actually only made one motif so I could check the size. I went back to Michael’s today, but they didn’t have the next size up hook, so I’ll try two sizes up (sz. J) and see what that does. I like the idea of trying swatches in different needle sizes to see exactly how it will look, and may neeed to invest in a set of crochet hooks for that very reason!

Merry Christmas, and TY again for the advice!