Tension Guage

Tension/Guage… you know the swatch you knit to check the tension? Once you’ve confirmed your tension is correct, can you “undo” it and reuse the yarn? I casted off, like I should, but i’m reluctant to tie off and cut the last stitch… the yarn is a silk yarn and was very expensive…I hate to waste any of it… Or have I used so little of it that I should just stop being a winer, snip it and move on…:blush:

It might be wise to wash and dry the swatch as you plan to care for the finished garment. Sometimes gauge changes.

I’ve done it both ways. It kind of depends on what you’re making, but if shrinking or stretching isn’t a big issue it shouldn’t matter. For instance a shawl may not matter much, but a fitted sweater might.

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Both great responses!!! I will do a “wash” and lay flat of the swatch toake sure I read the wash/care labels correctly…:blush: