Tension (guage) question

The pattern I am knitting says 18 st and 24 rows to 4 inches square but mine is turning out 16 st and 24 rows (5mm needles, aran wool). Not sure what needles to switch to as I think if I carry on it’ll end up too wide, 4.5 mm???

I’d try the next size down and knit up a swatch in that first and if that’s still too big, then I’d go down to the next size.

Makes sense to me.

ok, was faintly hoping I wouldn’t have to frog what I’d already done! :frowning:

Hope springs eternal. :rofl:

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but yes, you do want to frog what you’ve done and start over. Not only will it be too big by several inches, but you may run out of yarn. Do you do a gauge swatch, where you knit up a square and measure and see if you’re getting the right gauge? They take a few minutes, but it saves so much work in the long run. So try a swatch in the 4.5s, and maybe even 4mms, and see what happens. By the way, if you get the 18 sts, but start getting the wrong number of rows, don’t worry about it. You can make up for that by just knitting more rows, but you can’t adjust for width. Oh, and I just thought of something-- you aren’t knitting a scarf or a bag, are you? Because if you are, the gauge is pretty fairly irrelavant. But if it’s anything else-- a jumper, hat, mitts, waistcoat, etc., it will be an issue. Sorry about this! In addition to the Thank You button here, they should have one that says, thanks but I hate the fact you’re right!:rofl:

was making a baby jumper, but I’d lost the ball band for the wool, I knit a jumper from it last year and had 300g left. I knew it was Aran but the exact gauge I can’t remember - but I didn’t think there’s be that much variation. I just went and bought the recommended yarn for the pattern - it’ll probably be easier in the long run! Plus my cat got hold of my knitting last night and tangled it all up!

are you using a different type of yarn than what the pattern calls for? I constantly substitute yarn (i shop on a budget unless i hit a REALLY good sale a few times a year) and i just make sure that the guage on the yarn label is the same (or as close as possible) to that called for in the pattern.

I was using different than the recommended, it was also Aran so I thought it would be near enough, but I’ve lost the ball band. I’ve given up on it now though. I was in town today so I went back to the shop. They didn’t have the exact make specified in the pattern in the shop but I just went and bought another Aran weight wool of the same gauge by the same makers so hopefully it will be OK, I will swatch this time I think!!!