Tension giving me tension

Hi! everyone I am a new knitter. I have made a scarf and now I am trying to make a sweater. The patteren is all garter stitch. Two rectangle sleeves and an uncomplicatted front and back. I am not having problems with the directions so much as keeping my stiches even. I can not seem to keep the tension the same any suggestions. I have started over so many times I am afraid it will be summer before I complete the project

You can try making sure you hold your yarn the same way as you knit…so it gets an even tension. If the yarn is wool you can block it when you’re done to help even it out or if it’s acrylic just washing it works wonders.

Mostly though… it just takes practice, practice, practice. Just keep going, the more you knit the better you get. :hug:

Welcome to KH btw!

I second what Jan said. It takes a while to develop regular tension and in the meantime, blocking/washing will even out the stitches quite a lot.

Are you knitting continental (German) or throw (English)? Continental will make for a more even guage, but if you’re already knitting throw, then you probably just want to stick with that for now. And as the others here said, it’s really just practise, practise, practise. Also, depending on the yarn you’re using, different needles may help. If it is a yarn with more “grab”, such as a lopi wool, you will want more slippery needles, such as the teflon coated metal. But if you are using a slippery yarn, such as silk, then you will want a rougher needle, such as bamboo. That affects how the yarn moves over the needle which will in turn affect the even-ness of your tension.

I have to respectfully disagree. I know many knitters who do gorgeous work who knit english style. It’s all a matter of preference and practice no matter which style you choose. :wink:

True, many continental have posted that their purl is too tight or too loose compared to their knit, so that doesn’t sound like it’s more even.