Tension/Gauge Squares

Okay thanks… I think I need more different circular needles!! I’ll have a go :slight_smile:

What do you have now? A needle that’s 29-32" is pretty versatile. It’s long enough to single or magic loop for hats and mittens/gloves, and use for sweaters in the round, or a small blanket knit flat.

I think I have two 4.5’s - one 40cm one 60cm, a 5 in 60 cm and 6.5 in 60 cm… and I have dpn’s in a 5…

Am i right that magic loop won’t work for knitting hat from bottom up?? :slight_smile:

I think a 60cm is like 23"? so mine is not long enough?

Sure you can magic loop from the bottom up. But you’re right, the 60cm isn’t long enough. You can use the single loop version of it though…

Hmm but it looked like on the video the lady was making the top of a hat? But okay I’ll just do single loop for now! I also have another circular needle, which seems bigger and longer but its so annoying, circulars don’t have the size printed on them!? so i can’t tell what it is :frowning:

I’ll check out that single loop vid now!

i am so confused! I don’t understand why you have to do that pulling through thing on the video, I guess I’ll start knitting and then I’ll pick up stuff as I go along but right now i don’t get why you have to pull anything through!

Yes, she probably was working on the top of the hat, but it can be used to start one too. Anytime your needle is bigger than the circumference you’re knitting, but it’s too short to do magic loop. Pulling the cord through the sts is what ‘shortens’ the needle so you can make something smaller when the needle is too long for the sts to fit around. I don’t fiddle with it too much, for singe loop you can just spread the sts out from the left needle tip as far as they go, then ‘pinch’ the sts on the cord closer to the needle and start knitting with the right needle and that will make the loop. But yes, try it out and after a few rounds it gets easier and you’ll see how it works.

I’m afraid I am still confused! Because my needle apparently isn’t big enough but is also too big for the circumference of my knitting? sorry about all this!

The problem comes up because your needle is too big for the circumference of your project, a hat for example. The stitches are all stretched out initially or they will becomae stretched out as you decrease sts for the crown.
So, you can get around this problem by using a needle with a much longer cable which can be used for magic loop or single loop, or you can use two circular needles or double pointed needles. These all give you a way to knit a small tube. Try the videos under Small Diameter knitting under the Free Videos, Advanced Techs to see how these work if you need to.

Yes. You have a needle too long for the stitches, but it’s too short to do magic loop with on those stitches. So you can do the single or traveling loop version of magic loop to work on those sts. Just try it out instead of trying to figure it out; with knitting, things ofter work when you actually do it instead of visualizing them.

Since you don’t have dpns or another circular the same size to use both of them, you can make a loop in the one you have to make the needle fit the stitches.

I do have don’s now, I will have a go then soon!