Tendonitis/'Tennis Elbow'

I’ve been CRAVING to Knit! I’ve had to NOT knit due to this stubborn case of Tendonitis I’ve had - it all started on May 1st. It’s tough not knitting for sure. Anyone ever get this?

Have you done any therapy or been given a brace of any sort to wear? Some people do well with a wrist brace to wear at night to allow some rest and proper positioning of the wrist while sleeping to prevent over stretching the muscle/tendon and others also need a Chopat strap to wear just below the elbow during activities. You can try alternating heat and ice on the sore muscle too if therapy isn’t an option.

Do you do any repetative activities other than knitting that could be causing the problem?

Acupuncture. I had severe tendonitis in one wrist for a year, trying a few things, but not getting a lot of improvement. After the 2nd acu treatment, it got worse for about a week, then started getting better, and better, and after a couple more weeks was totally healed up.

Massaging your arm above the elbow helps too, and do some stretches with your arms extended. Just hold them out straight in front of your and slowly rotate your hand. Then hold them to the side and rotate. Feel how the muscles stretch out.

my friend who is studying acupuncture to become an acupuncturist says this is common in treatment. it will get worse just before it gets much better. She says some people give up on acupuncuture too soon b/c they aren’t properly informed about how it works.

Hope you are feeling better soon!!!

It’s not just acupuncture. My cube neighbor had really severe tendonitis in her wrist from working with her wrist bent too much, and had to take a month off. She went to physical therapy and said that she was the same way. It hurt worse at first, then started getting better. Acupuncture takes somewhat longer to heal than people are used to (most want instant results) but it usually lasts longer and with less side effects.

My mother got it from gardening. She had a cortisone shot right in the elbow. :help: As horrible as that sounds, it never came back.