"Ten Stitch blanket" pattern - how to get a ridge at the join?

The pattern I’m inquiring about is shown [B]here[/B], and I’m trying to figure out how to make a ridge like the one shown [B]here[/B]:

The original pattern doesn’t explain it, and my subsequent searches haven’t found anything to explain how to make this ridge. In the latter link, the knitter mentions a lace join - but I don’t know what that is and haven’t been able to find instructions for that either.

I’ve frogged a skein’s worth of this blanket twice already, and am hoping someone here who’s knitted it can help.

Thanks in advance.

When you pick up the sts, there’s usually 2 loops of yarn from the st you pick up in, but if you only pick up in one loop, that makes the ridge.

Thank you! Does it matter which loop? I’m wondering if one might make a more pronounced ridge than the other…

According to the comments in the project you linked to, she said she picked up in the front one (on the RS) and left the back one.

Well color me red, I see what you mean. I read that but just wasn’t getting it - not seeing a loop in my mind and thinking about how it will look on one side, but eventually appear raised on the other. Duh! Much clearer now, thank you!