"Tempting" Knitty Question

I am a beginning knitter working on my first sweater, “Tempting”, from Knitty’s Winter 2004 issue. I have done my research and found the updated sleeve instructions, but I still need a little bit of help picturing and executing the steps.

I have knitted my 14 inches of 2x2 ribbing with minimal difficulty. This is the part that I am having trouble with:

[color=red]Break Yarn. Place next 12 [14,16,18,20] sts on waste yarn, Re-attach. Work across 60[66, 74, 82, 88] sts. Break Yarn. Place next 12 [14,16,18,20] sts on waste yarn, Reattach. Work to end of rnd. Set aside. Do not break yarn.[/color]

I don’t understand why she is asking you to break the yarn and then reattach it. You are using waste yarn for the 14 sts, so why does that involve the working yarn? How would I go about reattaching it anyway; I mean what am I supposed to reattach it to?

So far, I have broken the yarn and put the next 14 sts on waste yarn, but I’m at a loss as to how to reattach the yarn in a way that will not create a long string in my work. I can take and post pictures if necessary.

I’d appreciate it if someone could explain this to me in a more verbose manner, as I’m sure that it is fairly simple if one understands what the steps mean.

Thank you so much.

Well, you’re putting the stitches on waste yarn as a holder, I assume to pick up or weave these stitches in later. You break and reattach the yarn so you don’t have a long string of yarn draped across the gap created, or worse yet, you dont pull the different sections together.

When I reattach yarn, I make a slip knot and pull that through the first stitch. When yarn is reattached, you could end up with a long end to weave in later, or you can weave it in as you go.

And when they say reattach, you are not reattaching the yarn you just broke off–you are leaving that end hanging and then continuing on to the stitches on the other side of the ones on waste yarn with the yarn connected to the ball. If that makes sense! :lol:

Thank you so much for the fast response, girls!

I’m sure I’ll have this sweater done in no time :slight_smile:

I’m going to try this project as my first sweater. Can I ask how you’ve found it? Are the sleeves all that hard? What yarn are you using?

And lastly, where are you in NC? I’m in Concord, near Charlotte.


I think it’s a great first sweater project. I’ve barely started the sleeves, but the directions appear to be pretty straightforward. I’m still getting comfortable with the DPNs, so we’ll see how it goes. One thing I’d mention is that the K2 P2 ribbing is pretty montonous.

I am using Wool-Ease worsted weight yarn in Oxford Grey. I wanted something inexpensive for my first sweater, in case it went awry. But it seems to be pretty nice yarn, considering the price.

I’m in Matthews, about half an hour away from Charlotte.

Tempting has been the topic of many threads at the Knitty.com boards. You might want to check those out too.