Tempted by Tempting II

Has anyone here knit Tempting II? I really liked the looks of the first one, Tempting, and the buckle of this new version just sucked me in. I know some folks had issues with how Tempting (the first) stayed up and was wondering about this one. Also, if anyone tried any other yarn than Calmer?


I’ve not knit either one, but I wish my daughter would ask for one…I think that both are so cute :smiley:

I haven’t made either one, but I LOVE them!! I wish I was thin enough to carry something like that off.

:smiley: My daughter’s coming over, I’m going to show them to her to see if she would like one :thumbsup:

I cant afford that Calmer Yarn. :crying:

sigh. Me either. That’s why I’m hoping I can find a good substitute. They’re such cute sweaters, both of them.

Anyone else?

I found where someone used two thin yarns held together to make it. They used Patons Brilliant and Lion Brand Microspun.

(I have a couple “Yarn Balls” that I got on sale for 5 dollars each at Hancock Fabrics. They are a gold shimmery yarn that looks EXACTLY like Patons Brilliant, with over 600 yards in each ball. That’s what I plan using with the Microspun I already have in my stash.)

Here’s my forum entry about it:

:smiley: My daughter liked them both, so…after a few projects I hope to knit one for her…now to find the yarn :wink:

Don’t tell me, you’re gonna have to go shopping?

You poor thing… :eyebrow:

:smiley: :roflhard: :rofling: :roflhard: Yeah, but…I’m not shopping for it until I finish my current WIPs and the Knitting World Cup project…so I have a lot to do 1st :thumbsup: