Tell me I'm not the only one

Okay so, the other day I finished my first hat. I’ve been so terribly unhappy with it that I kind of set it aside and wished it would just go away. Why? Because the darn thing is too small. Other than that it looks perfect. It’s not just a little too small, it’s like the difference between an adult hat and a hat for a baby. I realized last night why this creation was not the intended size…

The pattern called for chunky yarn and size 7mm needles. It even suggested that if you want a bigger hat to go up a needle size.

I used chunky yarn…and I went up a needle size. So I was really confused and very disappointed.

Well…my eyes saw 7mm needles…my brain translated that into size 7 needles.

Yes folks, I used size 8 US needles, when I should have been using size 11 US. I’m debating making another one with the appropriate needles since I loved the pattern and it does look pretty…just small. Then the baby and I will have matching hats.

Oy, I feel like an idiot now. I blame it on being pregnant.

:slight_smile: Yeah, blame it on the pregnant brain. Thing is, I haven’t been pregnant for a long time now and still have the pregnant brain! Sooo, will it fit baby now? Maybe she was working out her own hat?

So frustrating but also oh so real. I did that one one of my Xmas gifts I was making. Couldn’t figure out why nothing was working right.

When I caught on, I felt pretty stupid too.


Bring on the correct size needle. Such a dramatic improvement!

I am still learning the mm size of the various needles which isn’t helping me much either.


ps. I haven’t been pregnant in over 20 years… gosh these symptoms last forever :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, at least you have a cute hat for the baby! I would definitely go ahead and make another for yourself. No need to tell anybody else how the cute ‘twin’ hats for you and baby came about!! Let them all assume you planned it!!

I agree - let everyone think you planned the hats to match. :slight_smile: BTW, they call it pregnancy brain. I say it’s child brain. I’m not convinced that whatever clarity you loose during pregnancy ever comes back. My youngest are 3 and my mind is still a mess…

Are, as in more than one? No wonder…

I blame all my mistakes (in knitting and in other areas) on preggo brain…Just make another and it’ll look cute that you and the little one have matching hats! :wink:

haha! you should try a new hat with size 11 needles

oh BabeeBK and allusion, your both gonna have babies! i :heart: babies!

That’s why I love to make hats. Heads come in all sizes. If a hat doesn’t fit the intended wearer, it’s most likely going to fit someone!

And this after I sent you a “needle sizer” in your swap package.:poke: :whistle: Just kidding ya - you know we all think you are fabulous!!! (Even if you’ve got preggo brain. LOL!!!)

In my defense miccisue, I started the hat before I got my package hehe :slight_smile:

Oh my yup I did the same thing only I did use the right needles!:shrug:The darn thing was small enough for my grandson. Of course it was a color that he didn’t like. The little girl who comes over every day to play it fit her good. So we do find someone who will wear our hats.:roflhard:. She loves it and she thinks I made it just for her. Well maybe I did, gotta love kids:p