Tell me about 100purewool

I’ve never used it but have heard about it, and checked out their website. Dang, it’s cheap so I wonder about the quality. Is it as nice as the MMMMMMMMMMMMMMalabrigo (my most recent favorite yarn)?

I am a huuuuuuge fan of 100purewool. I adore it. It’s every bit as soft and wonderful as mmmmmalabrigo, but a little bit finer. I’d say it’s a light worsted.

Love, love, love that yarn. :heart:

Oh, my!:heart: I couldn’t resist.:shifty:

I got mine today! The shipping was high since it comes from Uruguay, but it is lovely to look at and touch. I think it came faster than stuff from Webs which is 2 hours away.:shrug:

i have 3 skeins i bought from them on ebay, very pretty very soft! i would definatly compare it to malabrigo :heart: even my dh loved the pretty blue/white colorway and asked if i could make socks for him out of it (love him) lucky for him there is a pattern in the one skein wonders book that will work great :mrgreen:

Its nice yarn, but you have to watch the colorways, sometimes you get something that looks NOTHING like what you ordered.

Where is this yarn? I’ve not heard of it. Can someone steer me to it please? samm
is where I found it.