Teeth for a monster! Any better way?


My nephew loves a monster that he saw in a cartoon but you can’t buy the toy so for the first time, I’m trying to knit it without a pattern. I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out but I ended up making the teeth in a really awkward way and wondered if anyone can see an obvious way of making them more easily.

The mouth is 14 stitches wide and the monster has 7 small teeth. To make the teeth, I did this:

Cast on 14 sts
Purl across
K2 turn
p2tog turn
cast off

Re-attach yarn and repeat to 6 times.

The teeth were perfect but it was very fiddly with all the casting off and reattaching yarn. I’m sure there’s an easier way to come at it (maybe sideways?) but can’t quite get it in my head.

Does anyone have any ideas?


Welcome to KH!
Well, you’ve found a really clever way to do the teeth.
Here’s a crochet method:

I think you could do this without cutting the yarn but just running it along the inside of the hat (in this case) till the next tooth.