Teen designer in Vogue Knitting

I just read an article in my local weekly paper. A 14-year old, Phoenix Bess, from the adjoining county has been featured in the winter edition of Vogue Knitting. This younglady has her own business for her knitwear designs, is home-schooled, , studies ballet, has appeared in local theater and ballet productions , has appeared on the TV on the Discovery Channel and has appeared in the movie “A new World”. What an accomplished young lady!!!

Since I do so much work in juvenile court, it always does my heart good to see or read about kids who have it all together. Her county and mine are both small rural areas, making this just like a hometown story.

That is really cool! Is the winter edition out? I’d like to get a copy of it if it is for some of my kids (re: my pm to you.)

I think that one is already out. But if it isn’t, let me know because I want to pick it up! Oh yes, it just came out with a very scary girl on the front.

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: Yes, she is pretty scary looking!

:cheering: Way to go for the young lady! My daughter is homeschooled, studies ballet and knits…hummm, maybe she could be in featured in Vogue Knitting, appear in a movie, and own her own knitting business someday! :teehee:

oh, the winter issue is most definitely out! i received it early last week (i think)… and, i’ve already ordered scads of yarn for the rose cardigan! :heart:

i wonder which designs belong to this gal…

I can’t reallytell fromm the article in the newspaper. It does say that there are some pictures of her working with her design materials in Southwwind Cafe, some of her modeling knitwear she designed and one with her mother. I don’t have that edition yet, but hope I can still find it.

:hug: How charming!
I have seen some of her items online at dreamweaveryarns.com

I read the article and was really impressed by her. She is very accomplished for such a young age.

Love the bolero on the cover!!


Something is wrong with that girls eyes. Hmmm…well now I can’t wait to read this isssue. Gonna check it out to nite!

I read the article in the magazine. Her mom designs those leopard-print knitting needles, I believe. Although this girl is super-talented, if she (for some odd reason) didn’t cut it designing, she could always be a model. She’s very pretty.