Teddy's and dolly's

That’s all the gang done now


That is a good gang!

Adorable, each and every one! Did you use patterns for the gang?

Yes I used various teddy patterns and the dolls are the little yarn doll patterns Mary Janes tearoom

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I like her patterns, very nicely done and I love that turquoise colour!

Thank you she has some lovely stuff

Do you weight your teddy’s? I am making Vera teddy’s for a couple grandkids, and would like to weight them in the bottom and possibly hands and feet. I don’t really want to spend the money for the beads, but thinking I have lots of rice. Will plastic bags of rice work?

I haven’t weighted mine but I believe you can do rice chickpeas etc recommended to put them in a sealed bag before you insert them so they don’t get wet. For mine I just used stuffing hope this helps

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Thanks for your reply. I like the feeling of a little weight in a bear, but since it is for my grandsons 3rd birthday I may just stuff it. Or if I decide to weight it I’ll tell mom if it needs to be washed let me do it.

It’s not easy trying to decide what’s the best way sometimes you don’t know till you’ve done it :grinning:

True :wink:

Absolutely adorable!!