Teddy bear

Well, I wish I could stick with one project, but I get sooooo excited. I had ordered a Baby Bobbi Bear from the Knittingbag.com and it finally arrived.
soooooo I tucked my homespun shawl away for a bit. I am not well versed on double pointed needles but so far so good. I have about 1.5 inches done. IT is so hot out that I think I will spend the day inside knitting somethng be it a purple shawl or a teddy bear.

If you want to see them go to knittingbag.com and look under toddlers. You can buy the kit, which comes with instructions, yarn and a burlap type bag with wood handle.

Sigh I guess I am doomed. All this knitting started out as a crochet thing. But it all has to do with YARN. I just checked out the KnitPicks site. Awesome yarn. I am glad I am getting a little pay raise soon and a bonus next month. Nyeh Nyeh Nyeh!

Back to Baby Bobbi Bear.


I love that little bear and have been tempted, myself…unfortunately…my last attemp at an animal (supposed to be an EASY easter bunny turned out horribly!) Good luck and have fun with it!

haha…who says you only have to have one project at a time??? The bear is so cute. Can’t wait to see it!

Those are cute bears! Hope to see yours when you get a chance!

I am already on the first leg. It seems to be knit in one piece so far. YOu start with the body, do the arm holes, then go back to the cast on row and do the buttt, then legs. I am going to guess that the arms and head will be stitches picked up. The ears maybe separate. If you want to see a whold bunch of these bears you can go to www.susandennis.com and look at her “knitting journal”. Also, take a peek at her afghans. She is quite the knitter (socks too).

I have been sitting on the floor and my buttt is sore.

Thanks Knitty ! I’ve been looking everywhere for a cute ( and hopefully easy !) bear pattern to make for a friend’s first baby :XX:

Those are adorable ! I hope you’ll post a picture when yours is finished :smiley: