Teddy Bear Pattern Peril

So, wanting to try knitting toys I’ve found a cool pattern for a new cousin to enjoy.

Enter the Rowan teddy bears; and despite their outwardly cute appearance and freeness of charge, they require you to sign up to their website…

…a website that requires you to enter in nothing short of your blood type.

The first thing I try to do is obviously fill in the sign-up fields with as much malarkey as I can.

Maybe it was the fact that I used the name “Jane Smith;” maybe it was the fact I was browsing in a private window; or maybe it was the fact that I used one of those handy-dandy 10-minute email addresses. Nonetheless, I was banned.

Anyone know how to access Rowan’s database of cool patterns without giving them all of your personal information or perhaps have some alternative teddy bear/awesome plush pattern?

Thanks for the help!

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I love this book because the bears are traditionally proportioned, like the Steiff and Hermann mohair bears. You can get it on Amazon; I also saw two copies at my (huge) local used bookstore last month.

Here are two bears made from one of the patterns:


If you want that pattern only you really need to just sign up to get it. You can always unsubscribe later.

The teddy is cute, but not really special as teddy bears go…there are many others that look very much the same and might be easier to get.

The first pattern i used was a Rowan pattern. Finding anything on their site is a royal pita IMO. I rarely look there anymore.


Thank you very much for the recommendation!

I don’t have a bookstore though, so I would need to order the book.

Those bears are super cool by the way— and twice as cute!

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One other place to check is your public library. Ours has a fair number of knitting and crochet books including toys.

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Nearest library is 40 minutes away, but actually I didn’t consider the library. I will definitely check if I ever get there, which will probably be soon, because the library is next to other places.

Thanks for the help!

I “go” to the library in my PJs in the middle of the night. I can check out books online and they’re delivered to my Kindle. I’ve not looked to see if I can get knitting books that way but you might be able to get ebooks from your library. Bonus: With my original Kindle as long as I didn’t go online I kept the book past the checkout expired date. I could do the same with my Kindle Fire but I go online with it for other things.

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I wondered about this post because the linked website is selling bears, not knitting patterns for bears. I’m afraid I accidentally clicked on the report button a bit hastily and can’t undo it.

I do apologise if you meant that you could get inspiration for jumpers or something like that.

Sorry to mods for the hasty click if it turns out to be wrong.