Teddy Bear in Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino book

If anyone can help, I would appreciate it.
I do not know what it means in the instructions to K1, p1, kpk
The abbreviation for kpk means (k1, p1, k1tbl) into next st.
( I do not know what this means).
Thanks for any help you can give.

It’s an increase, similar to kfb, but with a purl st in between the 2 knits. Knit into the stitch, bring the yarn to front and purl, then knit into the st again. I think the 2nd st ktbl would be to twist the st to avoid a hole.

Like Sue said. But in case you don’t know-- K1tbl means to knit 1 through the back loop. So on the last knit, you take the yarn to the back again then knit the stitch behind the left hand needle. You insert the right hand needle into that back leg moving your needle straight on into the stitch, it feels a bit like a purl stitch (the way you insert the needle) but behind. Knit from there and then take the stitch off the left needle. You make 3 stitches out of one.


Thanks for your help, but I have decided against this teddy bear
and it seems like it is tooooo much for me. I have made the
Cable and Teddy Bear Jacket, which was a challege but it
looks good, but I think the teddy bear is far to challenging.

Thanks Again.