Teddy bear head


Hi, I am making this bear. I started with the body and though I followed the instructions, it seemed as though there were some pattern issues. I have encountered problems again while doing the head. In rows 3 and 4 of the pattern for the head part, it says cast on 8 stitches at beginning and end of the row- then says 47 stitches. If I started with 29,then add 2 (row 2) (31), if I add 8 at the beginning and end of rows 3 and 4, I will NOT have 47, I will have 63. So am I missing something? Anybody have suggestions as to what to do about that?
(As mentioned, I had some problems with the body section too- I think again the math was off, but I am using faux fur and it seems to be really forgiving and does not show errors)


My guess is that it should be “cast on 8 sts at the beginning of the next two rows”. Beginning or end will work but not both.
This project has very helpful notes:


Thanks for the link!


That was my immediate take on it, too. What a muddle!