Teddy Bear & Blanket for a Rag Doll

Today was our granddaughter’s 2nd birthday party, so I wanted to take a gift to her. My hubby and I didn’t have much money available to buy a gift, so I decided to knit something.

I already had a simple rag doll to give her, so I made a little teddy bear and blanket to go with it. Then, I placed it all in a pretty flowered hat box, so she could keep everything together.

She liked it!

How adorable. My DGD’s bd is in July, I’ll have to keep that in mind.

OMG - how cute. I bet she will just love them all!

Oh my, we have hit total cuteness saturation point.

So very cute and bet she’s cuddling with them now! Great idea, Grandmama!

The beautiful gifts from the heart are worth millions more than expensive gifts anyway. I am sure she loved it. Just the right thing for a little girl her age. They are adorable.

I’m sure she loved them…and will treasure them always…Great job…:yay:

of course she liked it! Really adorable. They look very cuddly!

Sandy you are so creative!! a precious keepsake gift!!:blooby:

Will you be my grandma?:teehee:

Very cute little bear. The hat box is a nice idea. The presentation can make a big difference. Having a “special” place to keep her treasures is the extra mile.

Thank you all! :hug:

It just warms my heart to see your appreciation. :heart:

Very sweet!

Thank you! :slight_smile:

How darling! She’ll treasure them even more since they were made by you!


Even though it’s all been said… It’s cute,adorable, and obviously a keepsake.

Great job!

Sandy, it’s so sweet! I :heart: it and i’m sure your DGD is enjoying her gift a lot.

Love it simple and cute:muah:

What a sweet gift! Perfect for a 2yo!