Teddies for school.


I’m currently knitting teddies to raise funds for my daughter’s school. They will be sold at the school fayre. Happy days.




Very nice she is too.


I hope when the school fair is on they charge enough money for these teddies, often whoever is selling them doesn’t have a clue how much work goes into knitting them. Can I ask what pattern you are using, they are pretty and I might like to make a couple a couple. Happy knitting and thanks – Patricia


Hi Patricia, thank you. The pattern is from a company called knitting by post. They have some lovely patterns and very reasonable. They have a website and the patterns can be downloaded, so no waiting to get started!


Awww that’s adorable!


These teddies are adorable.


I have seen the zipper case my uncle carried his teddy to school in. Wonderful.

One day I was at the local elementary school and everyone but everyone had a teddy on their desk. Teacher included.

Mine has his own chair built by my father.


Nice work