Techniques on the purl side!

Hi there! I’m working on a project that is knit flat with a lot of lace sort of stitches and stuff I have never done before, but the patterns that I am using are in the round.
Does anybody possibly have a resource that lists how to do techniques written on the RS while working on the WS?
I hope that makes sense!
Thank you for your help!

Why would you be working on the wrong side? Knitting in the round is generally worked on the outside or RS. Do you have a pattern link so we can see what it looks like? Don’t post the pattern here as it’s a copyright violation.

Are you wanting to use a pattern written for in the round but work it flat? If that’s the case then on the WS knits would purls and purls would be knits. Beyond that it’s a little more complicated if you have decreases or increases I think.

Well, I don’t have one pattern, I’m using two and changing stuff to make my own thing. But it’s all right, now that I’ve got going, I think I’ve got it figured out! Thank you, though!

Yes, that’s what I’m doing. I was just confused about how I would flip my cables around on the back side, but I got it all figured out now! I suppose I just needed to have it in my hands to figure it out :slight_smile: Thank you!

If I understand you correctly, the pattern is supposed to be knit flat, but you’re knitting it in the round, working with the wrong side in? Are you talking about a stitch pattern here or a whole project? If you post the instructions for knitting it flat, I’m sure we can translate it to round for you.

Other way around, actually, changing in the round to flat. but no worries, I actually got it all figured out myself :slight_smile:

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