Techniques for Semi-Circular Shawl

Has anybody knitted this semi-circular shawl? I think it would look really stunning with the right yarn…I’d like to try the Noro Sakura yarn “in person” to see if it’s soft enough for me first (the colors are just BEAUTIFUL!!!).

I’m not asking for anybody to give me the pattern or anything, but if it’s possible, I would like to know before I ordered this pattern what techniques are in it. I just wanted to make sure this wasn’t tragically over my head! :whoosh:

This may be a veeerrrrry expensive and indulgent project for me, yarn-wise. :twisted: I can’t see this shawl in anything but the most fanciest of yarns. I’m very excited about the possibilities! If I can’t do it in the Noro Sakura, I may go with Mango Moon’s recycled sari silk.

It looks like it uses short rows to give that wedge shaped effect. I think there’s a purse pattern here in the Free Pattern section that would be worked similarly. Short rows aren’t too difficult; there’s several articles and tutorials online to help.