Technical Site Help...where to find?

Not sure which forum is the right one to post to, so forgive me if this would be better elsewhere…

Is there a spot to go to for help with the “technical stuff” like how up upload pictures, imbed you tubes, etc? A place to test things out before attempting to post into an actual thread, etc? I know I’ve seen threads scattered about but can’t seem to find them again when I am encountering a problem that I think has been addressed - didn’t know if they were gathered in one place I just haven’t found yet with all these new features…I hate to clutter the board with messed up posts or asking questions that have already been “taught” :rollseyes:. TIA Chris

Sorry, we don’t have a testing forum, but we do have an FAQ that may help. At the top of the forum below the add and the welcome there is a “quick Links” link. Click that drop down box and you can then click the FAQ. If you need more help let us know.

Here’s the info on videos

Don’t forget you can edit your posts if you make a mistake, too.

Thanks Jan - I’ll check out the FAQ… Actually the youtubes I have down - just seems every time I try to post pics I mess it up LOL - can’t figure out how to do it directly from Flickr but end up downloading the resized photos to my computer then just adding as attachments - it works :slight_smile:

Have I mentioned recently how GREAT I think you guys are? :muah:

This thread has information on how to upload properly from Flicker, but the jist of it, you need to remove the [B]?v=0[/B] on the end of the location of the image. So your url should end with [B].jpg[/B].

Orangeus - Thank you - I will try that out. Chris

Nope - didn’t work…I’ll go read the thread - thanks again!