Technical question

How do y’all get your links to look like single words instead of posting the entire url? :thinking:

Kelly, I just figured it out! If you hover your mouse over the URL button when composing a post, you can see the way to do it. It there’s an easier way, I’m sure someone else will tell us. :XX: I can’t stop with the emoticons!


My fifteen year old daughter walked me thru this… click the url button on the right above your reply. Inside the brackets that appear, you need to type an “equals” sign and the address (URL=http://www.blahblahblah.blah) THEN TYPE WORD SUCH AS “HERE” then click the url button again. All of these elements must be touching each other. The small type right above the box may give you the idea, if this wasn’t clear.

Or, you can do it longhand:

[ url= ]best knitting site in the world[ /url ]

Taking out the spaces between all text and brackets should get you this:

best knitting site in the world

Hitting the url button doesn’t always work. If you want to go back and put in a link, the button won’t put it where you put your cursor. It will move it to the end of your message. Sooo, here’s how you type it:


Don’t mind the red colour + symbol. I had to put that in, so I didn’t actually make a fake link.

Already did that, goofball!

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THanks for all the answers! Now I just have to find something to link to!

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